Aston Martin DB7 Volante


The Walter Hayes influenced DB7 Coupe introduced in 1993 is known as the car that saved Aston Martin. During the severe sales downturn of the very high-price prestige models in the recession hit early 90's, it became obvious that a new model strategy was required. Fortunately, together with the Volante introduced in 1996, DB7's have sold in greater numbers than any previous Aston. Not that the DB7 became a mass produced car, with a total of only 879 straight 6 supercharged Volantes being made before the introduction of the V12 Vantage in 1999.

The DB7 badges that David Brown had made for what became the DB6 Mk2 eventually came in useful when Walter Hayes, the then CEO of Aston Martin appointed David Brown as life president of the company that Brown had previously owned. Both Hayes and Brown were of the opinion that Aston had lost their way after the DB6, during the V8 'muscle car' period. The new svelte DB7 designed by Scot Ian McCallum was intended to reverse this trend and go back to the earlier philosophy of more accessible, useable, lighter weight, good handling GT cars.

The DB7, developed and produced with the aid of significant investment and facilities provided by new Aston Martin owner Ford was hand-assembled at a purpose prepared factory at Bloxham in Oxfordshire, by project partner Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR). Assembled using new and efficient racing team practices and techniques the DB7 is a delightful mix of modern and traditional materials. The beautifully styled body utilizes pressed steel and lightweight composite panels with a luxuriously crafted interior featuring walnut veneer, Connelly and Wilton trim. The TWR assembled straight six, chain-driven twin overhead cam, Eaton supercharged 3.2 litre engine produces 335 bhp with a very impressive 361 lbs ft of torque. Aurally, the engine emits a supercharger whine, reminiscent of the Grand Prix cars of the 1920's. The power delivery, ride and handling of the Volante are superlative, and one may take equally great pleasure in driving along, docilely soaking up the splendid ambiance of the car and one's open air surroundings or the sensory feedback and response that one gets when in 'press on' mode.

Our car, a 1998 Volante, was converted by DB7 specialists, Chiltern Aston Centre to GTS II specification, which includes a stainless steel mesh grill, Zagato bonnet, Vantage rear lights, special instruments and interior trim and a sports exhaust. Our Volante is finished in a lovely shade of Brooklands green metallic, with a sumptously trimmed magnolia and green piped interior, and green Wilton carpet. A real Gentlemans GT, in which to to arrive niether shaken nor stirred!




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