The DB Mk III is the last development and best car of the DB 2-4 range.

With many features transferred from Aston Martins successful DB3 and DB3S sports racing cars, the specification and performance of the Mk III was considered outstanding in the late 1950’s.

As with all early Aston Martins, the Mk III is a hand built car of very high quality, and has an inherent sporting nature, derived from the David Brown Aston racing program. Our car, registered in 1958 is somewhat special, in that it was fitted with a triple 35 DCOE Webber carb, 200hp DBB engine, commissioned by the then Scotland based owner, and prepared by the Aston factory in 1965, for use in period rallying.

With this rather fast engine specification, a DB4 GT disc brake rear axle, fitted around the same time, a factory overdrive gearbox, folding two plus two rear seating with a ‘hatchback’ rear door and period rally instruments, producing a wonderful cockpit ambience, this DB Mk III is eminently suitable for classic tours or historic regularity rallying.

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