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The Bentley Continental R coupe, which is considered a latter day successor to the previous iconic R type Bentley Continental of the early 50’s was originally launched at the 1991 Geneva Motor Show. Such was the perceived beauty and significance of this dedicated new style Bentley, that on unveiling to the strains of Elgar’s ‘Pomp and Circumstance’, the new car was greeted by an unprecedented round of spontaneous applause from the worlds motoring press.

Like the earlier Continental the later variant has efficient and beautiful coachwork shaped as a result of wind tunnel work (at MIRA). Combined with Heffernan and Greenley’s superb contemporary styling the Continental coupe has resulted in a car of tremendous presence, which is already thought to be one of the great classics of automotive legend.

The Continental is a true traditional and yet modern Grand Tourer, capable of maintaining high average speeds while cocooning four occupants and their luggage in quiet comfort. It is a car that rewards and exhilarates the driver without unnecessary physical effort: responsive and finely controlled in traffic, unmatched and magnificent on the open road.

Our car, a Continental S was built as a higher performance variant in a limited series from 1994 to 1995, and is number 30 of only 39 made (21 in right hand drive). The ‘S’ is fitted with a Cosworth built turbocharged and intercooled engine, controlled by an 'S' spec Zytek Formula One type engine management system, so providing greater efficiency, power and almost instant throttle response. In this guise producing 402 bhp and 617 lbft of torque, which could certainly be described as ‘adequate’. Other 'S' features include a special transmission with a 'sport' selection mode, which holds the gears for longer, changes up at a higher RPM and automatically stiffens the suspension for improved and sharper handling as well as the extra acceleration provided by the drivetrain sport mode. A special 'S' spec viscous limited slip differential is also fitted to aid rear grip during spirited driving. The Continental S, as well as being the rarest of the series, is the best compromise between discretion, performance, comfort, interior space and value of the 'R', 'S', 'T' range.

This Continental S, with its beautifully-appointed Connelly hide, polished veneers, Wilton carpet interior, and lambswool over-rugs, its supremely capable 'S' Spec 6.75 litre V8 engine and its sophisticated suspension, riding on Continental 'T' style 18 inch diameter wheels with special 255-50 Pirelli P-Zero tyres, with an excellent compromise between ride and handling, has the quality of long-striding power that distinguished its predecessors. From the outside, the stunning quality laser-cut stainless steel matrix grille, gleaming chrome radiator shell with flying B mascot, and special large single exhaust hints at the marque's lineage, giving the motor car's lines a purposeful edge. Inside, sports seats provide the support and comfort for spirited long-distance driving, while the detail refinements, inside and out, such as as a full leather headling, factory fitted remote control premium audio system with CD changer, factory fitted integrated Nokia phone, and special pivacy glass, increase still further the pleasures of driving this rare and beautiful sporting motor car. Stored in heated and dehumdified conditions, with 81,700 recorded miles, a full Bentley service history including factory build sheets, a tracker security system and fastidious personal long term ownership all give peace of mind that the outstanding quality is maintained as it should be. A veritable wolf in sheeps clothing, this magnificent Bentley is equally at home wafting along in fine style to posh events or pressing on at an exhilarating pace that a big heavy car has no right to do

Without doubt a grand tourer par excellence, and considering that the production of a very small number of Continentals has now finished, to make way for the VW influenced Continental GT, this car is one of the last of the line of the exclusive hand built "Crewe Missile".

This Continental S in particular, with the lowest production run of only 39 cars in total between 1994-95 is the rarest and most collectible of the series, and will undoubably be a prized asset of any collection in the future.

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