Jaguar XK120


The sports car that re-defined Jaguar in the early 1950’s, with beautiful William Lyons design, inspired by BMW’s classic 328.

Originally intended as a handmade low volume production model to demonstrate the then new in-line 6 cylinder overhead camshaft XK engine, it became practically an overnight success, surprising even Jaguar.

This was the fastest production sports car in 1949, with speeds of over 120mph demonstrated to the press on the Jabeke highway in Belgium, hence the 120 name.

Our 1954 XK120, whilst keeping the external appearance of a completely standard car is professionally up-rated to approx. 1958 XK150 3.4S mechanical specification. i.e. a mildly tuned engine with twin 2 in. H6 SU carbs, flowed wide angle, big valve cylinder head, lightened and balanced with circa 250 hp provides ‘sufficient’ power. An XK120 close ratio gearbox, Dunlop/Jaguar disc brakes front and rear, with a steering rack and telescopic rear shock absorbers (as per 1954 XK140 model) help with the chassis dynamics, and an up-rated cooling system, with an XK140 (bigger) radiator and remote header tank, ensure that this 1954 car has absolutely no problem mixing with modern traffic.

A truly exciting open top sports car, which all in all produces an exhilarating drive, that is suitable for sporting classic driving or historic regularity rallying.


Jaguar E Type V12 FHC coming soon.....




Jaguar XK120

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