Hugely successful sports racing car, which established Lotus as a recognised constructor of production racing cars. This was the car to have in UK club and International Sports Car racing from 1956 to 1959.

The Eleven was a race winner in the hands of full time professionals like Mike Hawthorn or Graham Hill, and almost equally so with talented amateur club drivers at the wheel. Class wins at Le Mans, world speed records and even a sports version to go to the shops - at least according to the marketing material of the era. The Lotus Eleven is an excellent example of designer Colin Chapman's philosophy of lightness and strength, with the steel tubular space frame chassis properly stressed and an aerodynamically effective all enveloping aluminium body both built to contemporary aeronautical standards.

The Coventry Climax engine was also an inspired choice, this former fire pump engine producing in excess of 100 BHP in period 1460cc FWB spec, and weighing just 220 lbs (100 Kg). All in all the Lotus Eleven redefined the standards for small capacity sports racing cars of the 1950's. Our Eleven, was exported to South America from the factory, and was raced in International and subsequently club events in south and north America up to the early 90's.

This car is unusual in that it is a highly original Eleven, retaining the original chassis frame and body.



Lotus Eleven

Le Mans Series 1 Specification


Multi tubular steel spaceframe with stressed aluminium panels.


18's SWG (1.2mm) aluminium in 3 main sections.

Front Suspension:

Independent by swing axle and outboard coil spring dampers.

Rear Suspension

De Dion tube with parallel trailing arms and outboard coil spring damper units.

Engine: Coventry Climax 1460cc FWB, all steel, twin 40 DCOE Webbers, 135 BHP (current) at 6200 RPM
Gearbox: Sprite ribbed casing with 4 speed Jack Knight close ratio gears.
Brakes: 9.50 inch dia. discs front, 9.00 inch rear, aluminium calipers.
Wheelbase: 85.0 inches (2159mm)
Front Track: 46.5 inches (1181mm)
Rear Track: 47.0 inches (1194mm)
Weight: 1019 Lbs (463 Kg)
Racing Class: 1950's Historic Sports Racing

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